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Access bit field null

access bit field null

The get method should be made synchronized.
Se: Transient field that isn't set by deserialization.
AT: Sequence of calls to concurrent abstraction may not be atomic This code contains a sequence of calls to a concurrent abstraction (such as a concurrent hash map).Sharing a single instance across thread boundaries without proper synchronization will result in erratic behavior of the application.Joshua Bloch ES: Comparison of String parameter using or!Did you mean to assign to that variable instead?This won't cause a runtime exception, but the code may be silently omitting information that was intended to be included in the formatted string.Both equals methods methods use instanceof in the determination of whether two objects are equal.Dm: Empty database password (DMI_empty_DB_password) This code creates a database connect using a blank or empty password.This may result in a file descriptor leak. .Therefore, the class is very likely to violate the invariant that equal objects must have equal hashcodes.
UuF: Unused public or protected field This field is never used. .
It: Iterator next method can't throw NoSuchElementException (IT_NO_such_element) This class implements the erator interface. .
HE: Class defines equals and uses Object.
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Note that because FindBugs currently does not prune infeasible exception paths, this may be a false warning.
Because the inner class isn't static, it retains a reference to the outer class.UL: Method does not release lock on all paths (UL_unreleased_lock) This method acquires a JSR-166 (ncurrent) lock, but does not release it on all paths out of the method.With a volatile reference to an array, reads and writes of the reference to the array are treated as volatile, but the array elements are non-volatile.FS: Illegal format string (VA_format_string_illegal) The format string is syntactically invalid, and a runtime exception will occur when this statement is executed.NP: Possible null pointer dereference on branch that might be infeasible There is a branch of statement that, if executed, guarantees that a null value will be dereferenced, which would generate a NullPointerException when the code is executed.Please verify that this statement does the right thing.Co: Covariant compareTo method defined (CO_self_NO_object) This class defines a covariant version of compareTo. .Bad practice, cN: clone method does not call one.