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Audi a4 brake pad replacement manual

audi a4 brake pad replacement manual

If you don't mind email me with what your planning on doing then I could give you a much clearer answer.
Harlowcobra: Video would be better if you were a tad more descriptive.
It would have taken me longer than 2 hours if it wasn't for this video.
Preston's Automotive: Thanks for the video.Install new pads if thickness is less than 3mm.Bullsonparade1735: Where do you recommending sourcing parts to do this yourself?FBC (17 ventilated brake disc Ø mm, brake disc, thickness mm 25 30 30, brake disc, wear limit mm 23 28 28, brake pad thickness (including backplate and damper plate).3.3.3, brake pad wear limit (including backplate and damper plate).Brake system Technical data Brakes.Meet some of our expert Audi mechanics.
The caliper presses the brake pad against the brake rotor, causing friction that slows down the car.
Phoenixgold1234: I just ordered and received my replacement rotors, and they are 320mm as i need, however there is no torx bolt on the new rotors, the company imordered them from say the new rotors are correct and i dont green poison rc 67 need the torx screw.
Brakes, the PR numbers are listed in the following tables.Robert jazzie: Very helpful, I already had them changed by Audi and paid, elf bowling games no two years later I am not sure they even did anything to the rotors because they look worn and squeak.Bill O'Donnell: Thank you so much for the video!Just let that sit for a few and it should come right out.YourMechanic Price 157 to 226, labor: 70 -80, parts: 87 -146.How important is this service?If you drive your vehicle with worn-down spot on energy patch bad brake pads, braking distances increase, you risk damage to the brake rotors (which are more expensive than brake pads and most importantly, you put yourself and others at risk.Did my pads and rotors at all 4 corners today.The warranty is over and it is time to control the maintenance costs.This means if you choose front brake pads, both front wheels should get new brake pads.Most other car manufacturers don't use anything.Greg Benton: Hey, I think you're.