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Back at the barnyard all episodes

back at the barnyard all episodes

But the kids develop an ultimate prank which sends the barnyard silo to mid air, just when all the animals are in there to hide from Duke, who appointed himself as new leader.
Pip is not usually involved with batman arkham city complete save game the gang's crazy schemes as much as Freddy, Peck, Pig, etc.
Now Abby, Pig and Pip must try to stop the hedgehog before Otis fights someone who is really trying.
46 " RoboPeck " January 16, 2010 After Otis accidentally breaks up Peck's body with a hammer, he rebuilds Peck by adding robot parts to him so he can be a big help around the barnyard.But everything turns out bad when the farmer brings Duke's arch-rival Baxter back to the farm, and Baxter causes trouble with the farmer but makes the farmer thinks Duke did everything, getting Duke in trouble.40 " Back at the Booyard " Todd Grimes October 25, 2009 41 "." Kids in the City " Gene Grillo Todd Grimes July 2, 2009 When responsibility is thrust upon Otis to watch the three kids of the barnyard, Joey the calf, Macy the lamb, and Boyle the chick, Otis loses them upon taking them around the.Summary: Created by Steve Oedekerk, Back to the Barnyard is the new spinoff on Nickelodeon based on the movie: Barnyard: The Original Party Animals.Pig a makeover segment and "Hollywood: Fact or Fiction?
Sullivan September 22, 2008 Bigfoot is sighted in the woods, and Otis decides to go hunting for him, but Abby finds him and brings him to the barnyard for his protection.
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But when Otis and Pip rescue the Pizza Guys from falling off a cliff, the animals decide to join them as superheros.The only way for him to get back to normal is if someone knocks him in the head again, but Otis has beaver guards that prevent others from getting too close to him.37 " Free Schmoozy " Gene Grillo Todd Grimes October 8, 2009 The animals liberate a show whale from a water park, but Otis has a lot more to go when the animals are being eaten by this whale.Bessy is the smartest than the other animals in the barnyard and doesn't like their antics.When the town is impressed with Twineyvines and unimpressed with Cowman trying to save the Kernel from him, Twineyvines becomes the new protector.