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Best job for software engineer

best job for software engineer

"There is currently a dearth of quality applicants in many technical fields, in addition to computer science says Lee.
According to the National Science Foundation, the number of engineering undergraduate degrees awarded annually in the.S.
Software Engineer ranks.Top image courtesy of iStockphoto, track5, topics: Business, Jobs, software engineer, study.In fact, Software Engineers have the nation's overall best job, according to the m Jobs Rated report.But those days have passed.Perhaps Steve Jobs and his legacy can take credit, but working in engineering, computer science and many other traditionally "nerdy" careers is the new rave.But there are qualities that make some professions more desirable friedrich air c-90a users manual than the rest of the pack.While the number of new computer science graduates from the nations colleges remained steady in recent years, overall the number of bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees awarded in engineering fields has steadily increased.Many other professions have claimed that distinction over the past few decades, including investment bankers, airline pilots and surgeons.Software engineers are the rock stars of today's working world, and even computer systems analysts and web developers can claim some of that recognition, since the demand for IT pros is so deep.Lumberjack, judged to have high physical demands and stress and a lousy hiring outlook.
And thats why the job of Software Engineer ranks tops in our annual Jobs Rated report on the nations best and worst jobs for 2012.
This year, there are several professions that are making their inaugural appearance on our Jobs Rated Top 10 Best Jobs list.
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I absolutely agree that Software Engineers have the best job.Online Advertising Manager are all rated as a Top 10 Best Job for the first time due to a combination of high incomes, great environments, good job growth and relatively low unemployment rates.Software engineer had the best overall score when you average work environment, income, stress level, physical demands and hiring outlook.Also bad: dairy farmer, enlisted military soldier and oil rig worker.Although there are ample job opportunities for qualified Software Engineers, Danne warns recent graduates, You can't earn your college degree and bank on just those skills for the rest of your career.Petroleum engineering is another field with tremendous career opportunities, as the world's energy needs and new oil and gas exploration require the skill set that only an engineer can deliver.We are relied upon to make sure the needs of the employee are in sync with the companys goals and in support of the organizations mission says Kuhl, who adds, Its not always an easy job, but it is very rewarding.Reached 500,000 in 2009, along with 134,000 graduate degrees and 41,000 doctorates.I love my job and most of the people who are drawn to this field are passionate about it, says Phil Danne, Lead Software Engineer for Livio Radio in Michigan.And it should be no surprise that.Is your occupation on it?Of course, any job may seem like the best job if youre unemployed and the improving economy hasnt ushered you back into the workforce.