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Blizzard diablo 2 expansion setup

blizzard diablo 2 expansion setup

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Shield - First Set shield ISTed Stormshield (with Death Fathom or Occulus Orb) and second shield for switching Lidless Grim shield or Spirit Runeword Shield(with CTA flail or crystal sword).
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Static 1, teleport 1, warmth 1 or few points more on your own preference.First Set Weapon - First weapon Perfect 30 cold damage Death Fathom Dimensional Shard(socketed with IST rune) or Occulus Orb (socketed with IST rune) is a low-cost choice.Don't be blocked by monsters into narrow places, corners, caves or tiny places.Vitality: The remaining points of your stats should be put here to boost her life.(2) Stats Distribution, strength: Around 156 points on strengths (inclusive with the boosted stats points from items you wear and charms you carry in the inventory) is just good enough for the sorceress to wear all necessary items, such as ISTed stormshield or 4xISTed Monarch.Peggyseven Click here to visit my ebay Store.Rest to be invested on Cold Mastery (4) Gears Requirements (Best Option).I got many ohm, um and zod runes from him.Having one MF hammerdin on top of a blizzard sorceress will be an excellent choice among all.
Diablo 2 Expansion Set : Lord of Destruction.
(1) Basic Information, many Diablo 2 players have at least one blizzard sorceress in their account because they believe that it is not hard to set up a decent one and the gear is not so expensive and rare. .
This is the second page of the sorceress section of my Complete Character Set-Up Guide in ebay. .Hope you enjoy this guide and I will write some more later!Energy: Around 100(also inclusive with the boosted stats points from items you wear and charms you carry in the inventory).Ring 1 One legit Soj, ring 2 raven frost ring because of the "cannot be frozen" stats or one nagel ring with perfect.Cast battle command, energy shield, battle order and again battle command (in this order) before you enter the battlefield.Baal - good mf drops, worth to do it often. .Amulet - Perfect 30 mara, fletch amulet, 2 to cold amulet with 35 mf and resistances OR tal rasha's amulet.Because I installed Diablo in same folder where was deleted previous version, the path of folder was D/Diablo2/Diablo2/Diablo2.I personally would advise you to build one but would not recommend you only use blizzard sorceress to do magic finding. .However, it seldom drops any high rune above vex.I need your support and encouragement to keep my work ongoing.(6) Strategic Advices (Below just few suggestions).Second Set weapon for switching at least 4-6-2 call-to-arms runeword CTA flail or crystal sword (battle order must be 6).