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C0000221 bad image checksum shell32 dll

c0000221 bad image checksum shell32 dll

Allocations might also be laid out differently in memory then when not under the debugger.
Peter, You have a corrupt wininet.
Hi Peter, Have you tried to get the second copy of wininet.
Dependency Walker acts as a debugger when you are profiling your application.ANY boot disk even Win98 or something to get you to a DOS prompt.Dll on this is double the size and eight years more recent than the source you suggested.Get a new copy.IF that's all that wrong, then you are home free.At any rate, try this copy of wininet.Dll is possibly corrupt.Note, this only works on Windows XP and beyond).
I sure don't feel like formatting the drive and installing everything from scratch.
Here, do a search for that filename, note where each occurance of it appears and copy the new file over the old one.
Then start Dependency Walker from that command line.
If it does then, then you probably suffer a buffer overrun, stray/bad/freed pointer, etc.
If your application is crashing due to some race condition, this slow down alone might be enough to avoid the race condition.
All I'd like to be do is delete the offending file if it isn't required for booting, then replace it with a copy from another machine if I can get the computer to boot or otherwise get through the blue screen barrier.I haven't sought their help yet, but thought I'd ask for suggestions here first., 23:20 #2, re: Bad Image Checksum (XP Pro).When being run under a debugger, fifo queues are sometimes baby's bones keep cracking randomized, so threads may block and resume in a different order than they would when not running under a debugger. 21:41 #1, bad Image Checksum (XP Pro on startup I get a normal splash screen then a Blue Screen of Death with the message stop: c0000221 Bad Image Checksum.However, when not running under the debugger, you might be trashing something critical (like a pointer and your app crashes.I've had several reports of applications that normally crash, will not crash when being profiled under Dependency Walker.