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Canon 400d user manual

canon 400d user manual

After removing the lid and servicing the camera, replace the lid straight away, rather than leaving it lying around.
Function Controls 400D.
Each housing body is first injection molded, and then machined to configure to individual camera model.
Advanced computer aided design and CNC manufacturing technologies ensure precise dimensions.Being dropped, it is essential you do not use the housing for diving.On/off, zoom, shutter functions operate normally.Camera Housing Model 400D (Canon user Manual, contents:.Before diving, make sure the pressure release plug.Warranty The game fruit ninja for pc full warranty is valid within two years from the date of first purchase.Before replacing the lid, make sure that no contamination such as dust, hair, salt, sand etc.
2) D80 Opening Key / Lever (Fig.
Specifications 400D Test Pressure 10 Bar (300.) Housings are individually tested Closure Design Air Lock Body Material Polycarbonate Overall Size 200 x 300 x 230 mm (LxWxH) Total Weight Approximately.6 Kg (Housing only) Buoyancy (with gta 4 patches full games camera) Approximately neutral in salt water Features Visible.
Mode Dail / Power on/off.
Testing has shown that this arrangement allow the water to exert an even pressure on the O-ring, Increase the reliability of the watertight seal.
Has fallen onto the O-ring or O-ring recess, as a precaution we recommend to inspect the O-ring every time the lid is opened and to carry out the maintenance if necessary.Use Care of Housing.Remember to ensure the pressure release plug is pulled all the way out while closing, otherwise the air cannot escape.Housings are designed for the ever -increasing variety of models of digital still and.Please fill in the information below, and retu.Please put a note inside to indicate the nature of the accident, so that the severity can be assessed.Just before entering the water, make a habit of reviewing that you have carried out the proper steps to close the housing.In the event of the housing flooding within the period of warranty, 10 BAR will repair or replace the housing.4.2 Pressure release plug To open the housing, the pressure release plug must be first unscrewed and then pulled out all the way (Counter-clockwise) (Fig 1).Therefore in the event of your housing suffering an impact force,.g.9) Replace the lid (Fig.Pressure release plug.