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Cd linux crack wifi wep

cd linux crack wifi wep

If you can inject, start dumping captured IVs (Initialization Vectors) into.cap (capture) file with command: airodump-ng (-c x) bssid target network MAC -w output prefix interface.
My record is about 2-3 minutes while sitting on a toilet in a flea market; its fun to see how quickly WEP is broken, so remember always use WPA2 with a non-dictionary passkey.
This is pretty self explanatory, but it authenticates you with the access point.
Now that you have hopefully installed the Aircrack-ng suite and ocr pdf table to excel familiarized yourself with some basic Linux commands, we can start cracking WEP and WPA1/2 networks to see the differences in security.Buddy-ng the helper server for easside-ng, run on a remote computer easside-ng a tool for communicating to an access point, without the WEP key tkiptun-ng WPA/tkip attack wesside-ng automatic tool for recovering wep key.To review ARP, check out.Crack the WEP key!Make sure you can inject packets into the chosen network (find a network with Kismet (Ill review Kismet later) or your network manager (either Wicd, or network-manager or with the airodump-ng interface command in a new terminal.Reinject ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) packets back into the network to create network activity.
This may take a while, so dont fret if it doesnt work right away.
Type: airmon-ng start interface if your interface is in managed or any other mode (ad-hoc, etc) it needs to be switched into monitor mode.
Note: -c x is channel x, where x is 1-11 and not necessary, although, if you know the channel, I would suggest doing the correct channel.
The aircrack-ng suite includes the below programs, try playing around with them.
Once it is in monitor mode, you can begin.
You can review more tips about securing your home network at my post here.Type: aircrack-ng -b target network MAC *.cap.Your NIC (network interface card) must support injection.Type: aireplay-ng -1 0 -e network name -a target network MAC -h your MAC address interface.Airolib-ng Stores and manages essid and password lists; Increases the KPS of WPA attacks packetforge-ng Create encrypted packets for injection.