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Certificate regular swfte font

certificate regular swfte font

Yes CAL Davis Fancy Solofont included in Dover Calligraphic book CD pack.
(Note to self: what Caslon is that in the illustration?
97 Centennial Script Fancy (Solotype, Intellecta Design Agate (Enstep - upper case only) Yes Not in solocat index.No Saltino Solofont included in Dover Bold Script book CD pack.Yes MOD Cheval Solofonts version @ MyFonts.Yes Different implementations contain a varying assortment of alternate glyphs, including A, H, K, N, P, R, S, T,.Yes OUT French Ionic Solofonts version @ MyFonts.
Pinewood is slightly darker, while Woody is darker still and doesn't have all of the punctuation.
Frankenstein's Bride (Opti) ; and Corpus (Scriptorium).
Yes CAL Chappel Text Solofont included in Dover Celtic book CD pack.
Solo also has a Bold Version.
78) Cartoon Mexicana No Cartoon Party Time (Tim Ryan/Agfa Type Revivals - aka Cartoon Party Caps) ; Chartreuse Parsons (Soft Horizons Jubilee (Bright Ideas PartyByTom Yes Jubilee has a lower case in the same style.Font Company's Polonaise Bold is NOT bold, but contains a set of alternate glyphs.Some characters are significantly different.Yes spfx 10 Campanili sic - Campanile ubuntu netbook edition iso Campanile (Solofont, opti, Steffmann Aridi70,Jugend (Walden VIctoriana (Gophmann Campanili (?) Yes VIC Campanile in index, Victorian Display Fonts, and everywhere else.Prescott) Yes 44 Childs Solofont digital pay version included in Dover/Solofont Art Nouveau book CD pack.They appear to be anonymous.