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Convert manual windows to electric

convert manual windows to electric

Before you start, make sure you remove the cbse books for class 10 science foam off the electric wiring, which is the most PIA part of this process.
2010 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crewcab: K N Aircharger, blastin Bob's muffler back w/ Magnaflow muffler.I would rate this about 5 out of 10 in terms of difficulty level, mostly due to the tight space.Re: manual window and lock converting.Here is the conclusion.Here is some more information for the removal / install: Numbers 1-5, 8 all need to be removed, along with two other nuts off of the base (where 8 is).Today, I c cfgmgr52.dll error loading window would probably go to a salvage yard and try and pull as many stock parts as possible to retrofit to the truck, but that might get expensive unless ou can just pick up the doors for cheap.6 7 will be new mounting locations for the motor / lift assembly.Each side's assembly weighs 4 lbs.And to Rabbit; I've done some Research of my own while diagnosing my Oxygen Sensor Problem.I never got to the windows before trading it in on a 2003 SS Silverado.The second side took me about 1/3-1/2 of the amount of time it took the first time - good luck!
Plug the wiring harness into the new regulator and position it in the door.
There should be 2 zip-ties, which you will need to cut and remove.
From what i've seen by looking under Scoots' Dash and Driver's Side Kickpanel, I believe at least the 1LT Aveos are Pre Wired for Fog Lamps all the way to the Underhood Fuse Box.
I had Tweeters (before they went out of business) in Portland, Maine, install power locks and an alarm system in my 2000 Silverado back in 2001.
You will need to have someone hold the window up, while you first put in the long elevator mechanism (to the right) and then put in your motor / regulator.Attach the new regulator to the door using screws.It was an aftermarket kit and I didn't have switches in the doors to lock/unlock in the truck.If it would Appease the Court, I can Upload the Diagrams and Connector Pinouts in question.Make sure you have the window all the way up, then remove the lift mechanism.Originally Posted by 2010AveoLT it would help to know what year and Body Style you have, as it would make our advice A LOT easier to give.BedRug BedTred, extang Revolution Tonneau, diablo Sport inTune.These are all the bolts that hold the mechanical lift onto the car.You will need to remove a copper or aluminum piece from behind the door handle: This will need to be cut in order to make room for the electrical motor mount: An aluminum piece will need to be bolted (using existing bolts) to the window.I have a Wiring Diagram of the Aveo Sedan's Fog Lamp Circuit, and the Ambient Temperature Sensor for the DIC, as well as the pinouts for all of the connectors involved.