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Cups software programmers manual

cups software programmers manual

It has been developed.
Cups_ISO8859_1 - ISO-8859-1 character set.
Any attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense or distribute the Program is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under this License.The executable is therefore covered by this License.H puts(ippErrorString(IPP_OK See Also cupsLastError Usage ipp_attribute_t * ippFindAttribute(ipp_t *ipp, const char *name, ipp_tag_t tag Arguments Argument Description ipp The IPP request or response name The name of the attribute tag The required value tag for the attribute or IPP_TAG_zero for any type of value.This file contains only locally defined classes, colo pro font family but not remote or implicit classes that are created automatically.Description The ppdFindChoice function returns a pointer to the choice data for the specified option.Relaying Printers to Other Clients When you have clients and servers spread across multiple subnets, the polling method is inefficient.Password cupsGetPassword Please enter a password See Also cupsDoAuthentication, cupsServer, cupsSetPasswordCB, cupsSetServer, cupsSetUser, cupsUser Usage const char * cupsGetPPD(const char *printer Arguments Argument Description printer The name of the printer.That is entirely up to Ceekoe.You will need to download and install ESP Ghostscript on your server to provide PostScript printing support for non-PostScript printers, however.Endabstract begincenter includegraphicswidth120mm, bb0 0 808 g endcenter beginverbatim news The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.
Num_options cupsAddOption name " value num_options, options num_options cupsAddOption name " value num_options, options num_options cupsAddOption name " value num_options, options num_options cupsAddOption name " value num_options, options The name string is the name of the option, and the value string is the value for.
"printing" : "pending cupsFreeJobs(num_jobs, jobs See Also cupsGetJobs, cupsGetDests Usage void cupsFreeOptions(int num_options, cups_option_t *options Arguments Argument Description num_options Number of options in array.
Activity time_t The last time the http connection was used.
CupsRasterClose(ras See Also cupsRasterOpen, cupsRasterReadHeader, cupsRasterReadPixels, cupsRasterWriteHeader, cupsRasterWritePixels Usage cups_raster_t * cupsRasterOpen(int fd, cups_mode_t mode Arguments Argument Description fd The file descriptor to use.
Conflicts are stored in ppd_conflict_t structures which specify the options that conflict with each other.
Specifying a Single Server for Printing cups can be configured to run without a local spooler and send all jobs to a single server.Length The size of the filename string in bytes.You normally do not edit this file.H header file to use the PPD functions: #include cups/ppd.Description cupsRasterReadPixels reads pixel data from the specified raster stream.The log files are normally stored in the /var/log/cups directory.usr/bin/lp The System V print command.Cups.1.x contains backends for parallel, serial, and USB printers, cups.2.x will also support FireWire (ieee 1394) and scsi printers.This appendix lists all of the constants that are defined by the cups API.