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Driver parallel lines ps2 cheat

driver parallel lines ps2 cheat

30 tokens: Double ammo capacity - bt synergy 4500 user guide pdf All guns.
P All of the above cheats reset after the era change.
Anything stored in your garage from 1978 will still be in your garage in 2006.
No, you do NOT get to keep your money and weapons from 1978.Select the "My Tiger.Buildings will look different, characters will have different (older) appearances, the inside of buildings (like the Safe House and Ray's garages) will be completely different inside, there will be newer cars, newer weapons, and different color schemes (Map and other things).Submitted by Jmd777777, paint_21_11, Austin10, DayDay Verified by YuGiOhFM2002 ( Unverified ) Bodysnatcher - Accumulate 666 miles on the Odometer Night Night - Accumulate 700 Miles on the Odometer Shortest Day - Accumulate 800 Miles on the Odometer Far Out - Accumulate 900 Miles.With that said, I suggest spending all your money on goodies before doing the final mission in 1978.Some of the popular cheats are All missions, All vehicles, Every weapon.Spawn a jet pack.Then P 10 tokens: 50 Health.50 more health capacity.This is displayed a few seconds after the player has collected the final token to allow time for the thrill-cam to have stopped.
Will you be able to go back to 1978?
Yes, after you complete the main story line.
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Collecting certain numbers of tokens unlocks permanent additions to the game that enhance the player's abilities,.g.
40 tokens: Double cars software defined radio receiver kit toughness.
20 tokens: Double nitro.
Do I get to keep my weapons and money from 1978?Input the following on the cheats menu.40 tokens: Double cars toughness (Only cars in v-edit).About half way through the game, the era will switch, meaning from 1978 it will go to 2006.The player can also unlock the free garage by maxing out his cash counter 99,999.Cheat mode: Press Start to pause game play, then select the "Settings" option.Finish the mission "Jail Break".You must come in 1st in Driver GP Long Island Race, during the 2006 era.Do maintenance manual 2003 ford escape I get to keep my cars from 1978?Songsterr tab archive is collaboratively built.Once collected they don't go away within the current game.Driver: Parallel Lines for PlayStation.