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F150 automatic to manual conversion

f150 automatic to manual conversion

Remove two of the tc electronic g-system manual german 10mm bolts in the fromt of the fan pulley so that the two left are directly opposite each other.
Close Ratio Wide Ratio T5 frpp T5Z First. Second. Third. Photo Gallery View Photo Gallery.
If you are changing from a 3 speed, you need to get the manual tailshaft, the 3 speed and star trek pics enterprise episodes 4/5 speeds mothers choice car seat installation manual are different lengths.Once the motor is close to resting on the mounts, put the trolley jack back under the gearbox and use it to help get the motor aligned.Remember to be careful of the steering column!Then, reverse the procedure of taking the motor out.Other major advantages include better fuel economy, less engine wear, quieter cruising on the highway, and in the instance of the typical T5, even better off-the-line acceleration due to a lower (numerically higher) First-gear ratio compared to four-speeds like the vintage Top Loader.Unbolt the earth wire, commonly found on the passenger side of the box.If necessary, swap the gearbox crossmember off the auto onto the manual.Reason for replacement: My factory Auto hubs were 17 years old.These will leak, so put a bucket under them.On an EA this will involve the removal of two little U-bolts attaching the uni.
Removing the fan is not fun.
Now let the jack down slowly until the weight is off.
Sources such as Mustangs Plus or National Parts Depot also offer vintage-look shift handles that bolt to a T5 shifter.
Set the gearbox to drain.At this point I should warn you, when we are finished with the wiring, you will not have any clutch or neutral switches to prevent you starting the car while it's in gear!Undo and withdraw the tailshaft as above.The best choice is one from an automatic-equipped '86-'93.0 Mustang, all of which were equipped with AODs.Keep rolling the jack back until you can see the torque convertor clear the spigot, inside the bellhousing.You are now done with the removal.Disengage the hub on the lifted tire, let it spin in reverse motion a few turns and then turn the tire forward again.An AOD yoke can be ordered from a Ford dealer.Now we come to the in-car stuff - installing the clutch pedal.A stock driveshaft can be reused once it's shortened and fitted with an AOD yoke.You'll also likely need to relocate the transmission lines where they connected to the C4 from the radiator.Having owned and driven numerous early Mustangs and other vintage Ford cars with either a T5 or an AOD, we can tell you the appeal of the conversion never wears off.