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Frick screw compressor manual

frick screw compressor manual

Frick/York RWB II Plus Control Panel.
Refrigerant R-717, max monopoly casino vegas edition crack speed 3600 rpm.
Approximate weight: 3,500 lbs.(Overall compressor dimensions:.Model: RWB II 134E / tdsh193L1834D.Compressor runtime: 6,714 hrs.70 hp, 460 V, 3 phase, 60 hz, fla.3.
Toshiba World Energy Series Induction Motor: model: B2002VGG3U3.
Frick oil cooler: (136) plates, two pass unit.
Refrigerant NH3/R22, vol ratio 2 2 5 0, max speed 4500 rpm, max design pressure 362 psig.
ABB 1900 Recorder FC1 Smart Electronics Temperature Read-Out.
Compressor run time: 53,840 hrs.Max Speed: 3600 rpm.Original setup was to provide.1 tons when absorbing 227.6 bhp with R-717 at 100 load.Maximum speed: 3600 rpm.Rating at -30F suction, 95F condensing:.4 tons / 224.5.Same machine as the frick RWB-100.Ram Premium Efficiency Motor, 250 hp, 3570 rpm, 230/460.Pressure relief valve, (1).Toshiba motor: 75 HP, 3555 RPM, 230/460V, 174/87 amps, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 364TS frame.New motor installed 2005.Ratio: 2 2 5 0, max speed 3600 rpm, max design pressure 362 psig.Frick Booster Compressor Package: model RDB-546, serial S0058pfmfthaa3, sales order, RDB Plus micro panel with 68,823 hours runtime.Overall dimensions:.