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Game samurai shodown 6

game samurai shodown 6

One of Asura's Seven Ancient Weapons is a shield, that attacks opponent with spikes.
Apparently Haohmaru started to do this being 15-years old.
Big Bad Wannabe : Sankuro is the embodiment of this trope.Making a Splash : Sogetsu, Suija and their fusion getsu The Man Behind the Man : Ambrosia behind Amakusa and Mizuki, Jigen Taishi behind Oboro, Dark Emperor behind Gaoh.Glorious Leader : Gaoh, since in the end he is possessed by Dark Emperor.A few characters have appeared in crossover games like the.Rule of Two : Played in Oboro's dialogue with Kuno Seishiro in Shinsho/Warriors Rage, and later in Sankuro's dialogue with Genjuro in Samurai Shodown.Split Personality / Superpowered Evil Side : The whole Shura/Rasetsu (Slash/Bust) split character concept present in series.Haunted Heroine : Shiki and Mikoto are haunted by Yuga.
Challenge your friends via Bluetooth!
Karakuri Hanma's "Machine Gun" super move.
Sexy Backless Outfit : Shiki wears a backless tight dress and her back sports a massive snake tattoo and a Yuga symbol.
Samurai : Yagyu Jubei is technically the only actual samurai in the game, until Samurai Warriors Rage for the PS, which featured members of Oniwabanshu.
One-handed weapon wielders (Charlotte, Cham Cham, Ukyo) can be handwaved by saying they're holding it in their other hand.
Meaningful Name : Neinhalt Sieger means "Endless Victory".
Regularly Scheduled Evil : Zankuro's killing spree.Retired Badass : Daruma.Path of Inspiration : Yuga's puppet show is a variation of this.Sealed Evil in a Can : At least at some point in storyline: Ambrosia, Amakusa, Mizuki, Zankuro, Yuga, Asura, Dark Emperor, Enja, Suija.Don't understand why SNK didn't invent some equivalents; didn't seem to have a problem with this for Axel Hawk or Terry akvis makeup keygen fff Rogers.The opening line for a few of the games (Bushido to wa shinu koto to mitsuketari) originates from The Hagakure.Ugly Guy, Hot Wife : Genan Shiranui is one of the ugliest Fighting Game characters in history.