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Horus in the pyramid texts pdf

horus in the pyramid texts pdf

322: You who come to Unas as adversaries, come to him (as friends) come to him!
He whom he finds on his way, he eats him bit by bit.Heaven be given to Unas, earth be given to Unas, so said Atum.Whatever their differences, all texts agree that the deceased king lives again in the sky with the sun-god Ra and the imperishable stars of the night sky.156: Re-Atum, this Unas comes to you, an Imperishable Spirit, Lord of Dispensation in the site of the four papyrus columns.In some texts, the Pharaoh travels on the sun barque with.The two banks of the river will be joined.244 249: This is here the (hard) Eye of Horus.It is Unas, he who gives birth to you, who continually gives birth to you." cooking dash crack torrent Utterance 308 487: To say the words: "Hail to you, Horus in the Horite Sites!It will not be lost for race driver grid reloaded pc crack you, it will not cease for you.
226: The majesty of the pelican falls in water.
Until the end of the 18th Dynasty the canopic jars had the head of the king, but later they were shown with animal heads.
May you be with Unas, O gods!Utterance 47 36: Osiris Unas, take the Eye of Horus snatched from Seth, which you shall take -wine, one white hathes jar- to your mouth, that you open your mouth with it!He was in turn protected by the goddess Serket.This Unas has purified himself in the Fields of Rushes.The messengers of the East repeat: "This is your bread!" Utterance 210 126: To say the words: "Judge, arise!471: Are you then a pure Westerner?Unas is the third when he appears." Utterance 320 515: To say the words: "Unas has regulated the night, Unas has sent the stars on their way.The heat of its fiery breath is against you who surround the shrine (kAr) (of the Sun God).The inhabitants of Nubia arise before the Great Trembler who comes out of the nome, Upuaut who comes out of the bush!462: There is no word against Unas on earth among men, there is no crime of him in heaven among gods.Utterance 88 Osiris Unas, take the Eye of Horus, take care lest he violate it!You are to rape the two (holes) of the (door) stone, door jamb!