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Imago extra bold font

imago extra bold font

QX Encoding for TeX is based on EC (Cork Encoding) with a few characters exchanged.
This makes at most eight-character names from (almost) arbitrarily complex font names, thus helping portability of TeX documents.
Org/tds and ctan tds) specifies a directory tree for all TeX library files.Instead, we euro pro x iron manual use the supplier letter, pi, an arbitarily-assigned three-digit number, a weight and (if necessary) a variant.Suppliers and, typefaces are intended to mesh with that standard.It is also mirrored on all ctan hosts in the directory tex-archive/doc/fontname.Character code assignments were made as follows: (1) the Windows ansi characters are almost all in their Windows ansi positions, because some Windows users cannot easily reencode the fonts, and it makes no difference on other systems.Notes on specific variants, both old and new: 1 4 6 b These variants (semisans, bright, semiserif, and fax) were used only for single typefaces, so to conserve variant abbreviations, they now have typeface abbreviations instead.So the first character should serve as "hyphen char" and the other one as "dash" in compound words.The FontName may be preceded by a letter s and a as in b:Dutch.
(This may not be true for all 9x encodings, though.) k z These variants (indicating Greek and Cyrillic fonts, respectively) are obsolete; future fonts in different scripts should be assigned an appropriate encoding abbreviation.
S t Mittelbach in TUGboat 13(1) suggests that these variants (for sans and typewriter) should be identified as part of the typeface name, because there are few typeface families with these variants.
Günter Gerhard Lange accomplished that with Imago, introduced by Berthold in 1982.
Txt.enc This is LaTeX T5 encoding for Vietnamese history: version.0 (28-Jan-2000 First version.
W represents the weight.
Each line consists of an abbreviation and directory name, possibly followed by PostScript FontNames and/or a comment in roman.2.1 Suppliers The supplier is the source of a font, typically a (digital) type foundry.Although this last has been used by other foundries (e.g., Monotype) for a Times variation exactly compatible with Adobes Times, Adobe itself also offers it, so we must have abbreviations for all three.No ligatures fg wilson 2001 series owners manual or kerns.X indicates an expertised font,.e., a composite (virtual) font that includes characters from an 8x font.The weight, variants, and width are probably all best taken from the original name of the font, instead of trying to relate them to some external standard.TeXMathExtensionEncoding now 256 chars follow 0x0 /parenleftbig /parenrightbig /bracketleftbig /bracketrightbig /floorleftbig /floorrightbig /ceilingleftbig /ceilingrightbig 0x8 /braceleftbig /bracerightbig /angbracketleftbig /angbracketrightbig /vextendsingle /vextenddouble /slashbig /backslashbig 0x10 /parenleftBig /parenrightBig /parenleftbigg /parenrightbigg /bracketleftbigg /bracketrightbigg /floorleftbigg /floorrightbigg 0x18 /ceilingleftbigg /ceilingrightbigg /braceleftbigg /bracerightbigg /angbracketleftbigg /angbracketrightbigg /slashbigg /backslashbigg 0x20 /parenleftBigg /parenrightBigg /bracketleftBigg.Enc email author "Y Y, Inc.