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Kenmore 90 series repair manual

kenmore 90 series repair manual

There will be about a cup or two of water.
Sorry, I don't have details of this step but just look at your old one to see how it is attached."Series 70 80, 90, "Kenmore 20 "Elite "Deluxe" or "Heavy Duty etc.) is not the model number but is just a marketing name which is not usually of any help in identifying the appliance you have.Important: click the photo to see a piece of foil tape circled.You can firefox security mac os x see two of them stuck to the transmission mounting plate.The green wire is a ground wire which is connected to the back of the washer and attached to the water pipe.You can snap them up with your fingers but its easier if you use a flat blade screwdriver.Unfortunately the gearbox (transmission) is an expensive part, about 180 new.Reattach the three sets of wires and the pump to the motor.
I would need to drill a new hole in the frame.
It comes right out, and before you lose it, pop it into the corresponding hole on the new transmission.
Virginia Beach, VA "Your service people are so friendly and helpful.
I should have realized that it didn't just fall off for no reason.
Samsung la, mw 116.Careful, the motor and transmission assembly is heavy!The oil is fairly thick so it's not going to pour out like water, but you definitely don't want to leave it on its back like this for any length of time.Oh, before you forget (like I almost did you need to remove this plastic wire harness clip from the old transmission.Sale, our Price.24, compare.03, you Save.79, watch Video.Oil can leak out of the hole so you will want to work quickly.If you have been careful, there should be no problems.For a test load, throw in the towels you had on the floor.Turn the metal retaining clips 90 degrees to remove them from the mounting plate.This is a close-up of the washer without the transmission.You really can't mix them up because they are different sizes, but pay attention to where they.OK it's all cleaned.