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La gente 1 pdf

la gente 1 pdf

An Argentine freighter finally picked them up and took them to Thailand.
1 Thompson, Larry Clinton Refugee Workers in the Indochina Exodus Jefferson, NC: MacFarland Publishing Company, 2010,.
In 1989, about 70,000 Indochinese boat people arrived in five Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong.
"578 women had been raped; 228 women had been abducted; and 881 people were dead or missing." An international anti-piracy campaign began in June 1982 and reduced the number of pirate attacks although they continued to be frequent and often deadly until 1990.Courtland, "The Comprehensive Plan of Action for Indochinese Refugees, : Sharing the Burden and Pass the Buck" Journal of Refugee Studies, Vol.Naciones Unidas que se celebra cada año el 25 de junio.349 of the boats had been attacked by pirates an average of three times each.The Roman Catholic Church, given its long history with the Vietnamese people, facilitated the relocation of a large number of Vietnamese boat people through its many Orders and charities.24 unhcr statistics for 1975 to 1997 indicate that 839,228 Vietnamese arrived in unhcr camps in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.27 Liège, Belgium (July, 2006).Many poorer Vietnamese left their country secretly without documentation and in flimsy boats, and these were the most vulnerable to pirates and storms while at sea.
Those who were "screened-out" would be sent back to Vietnam and Laos, under an orderly and monitored repatriation program.
Vietnam War, especially during 19, but continuing until the early 1990s.
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They were subject to discrimination, poverty, neglect and abuse.Several tens of thousands were repatriated to Vietnam, either voluntarily or involuntarily.The results of the conference were that the Southeast Asian countries agreed to provide temporary asylum to the refugees, Vietnam agreed to promote orderly departures rather than permit boat people to depart, and the Western countries agreed to accelerate resettlement.The Malaysians declined to allow them to enter their territory and the ship sat offshore until the refugees were processed for resettlement in third countries."Commemorating the arrival of Vietnamese refugees".The worst of the humanitarian crisis was over, although boat people would continue to leave Vietnam for more than another decade and die at sea or be confined to lengthy stays in refugee camps.Countries in Southeast Asia were equally negative about accepting newly-arriving Vietnamese boat people into their countries.

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