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Make pdf reader default

make pdf reader default

It loads into Adobe Reader, and want to save the file. .
(1) Find the file in kenmore gas stove installation guide your Finder and right-click (or control-click) on it to access the contextual menu.Are you affiliated with Adobe?If a user is in a hurry inadvertently saves there, the file will be lost when the browser is closed.While many web sites direct you to download Adobe Reader to open PDFs, I recommend that you use Preview instead, as its faster and less clunky than Reader, and it has more user-friendly annotation tools.App found in /Applications/.If you dont want to make Preview the default app to open a file type, you can still open individual files in Preview rather than whatever you have set as the default.
(3) In Adobe Reader I click File Save.
Earlier versions of Reader used a user's pre-set download folder preference as the default, and remembered the last folder used during a session if the user made a save to a different folder.
Heres where this is located in the Get Info dialog window: This works in all versions of OS X to change the default app to open PDF files.
Click the pull-down menu and choose Preview from the list, or if its not visible, navigate to it by choosing Other and point to the Preview.
Change the Default for Other File Types.Hi Ankit, Here is a step by step for what happens in my workflow. .For instructions, see: How to Change the Default App that Opens Files on a Mac.REM Run GUI cscript /NoLogo IEdefault_PDFdefault.Vbs, set WshShell ell ' IE Default browser for WIN10 n "windirsystem32control.REM html reg add /ve /d "C:Program Files (x86)AdobeReader.0ReaderAcroRd32.exe" "1" /f nul reg add hkey_local_pDefaultIcon /ve /d "c:Program Files (x86)AdobeReader g" /f reg add /ve /d "C:Program Files (x86)AdobeReader.0ReaderAcroRd32.exe" "1" /f nul reg add /d /f nul reg add /v "ApplicationDescription" /d "AcroRd32.Thanks for your interest in refining what the problem.Choose Open with and then select Preview from the menu of suitable applications that appears.In addition, the need for an additional click in step 3, to choose whether to save a pdf as text or a pdf is ridiculous. .