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Manual car door lock stuck

manual car door lock stuck

The latch is jammed pulling on the push rod won't help.
For what it's worth, we've had some terrible winter weather recently.
Unfortunately when I was attempting to get the driver's door open I used a pair visegrips to pull up on the lock pin and I broke.
Thanks again rfbqwerty and I hope you have many blessed day for helping others in need.:smooch: JustinLogue, 03:50 PM I have this same problem with a 2003 Rio Cinco, manual locks and windows.Doesn't make for good viewing.Posted by elendil71 at 2:28 PM on February 19, 2010 Go to Autozone and buy a can of CRC brand Freeze-Off Spray.Posted by srbrunson at 12:25 PM on February 19, 2010, rub the business end of the key with a soft pencil, then insert.They said it just needed some lubrication but they didnt specify what it was.This is only the first part of the tutorial, but you can find the rest here.Take off the clip that 3d studio max 2012 full version keeps the handle in place and remove the handle.My driver door lock will not unlock.Rubber band temporarily used to replace broken spring.Now, all I have to do is decide whether I want to take the time to remove the panel and fix the latch myself, or allow my mechanic to.If the door tab is broken, one can goto the auto store to buy an assorted variety.
The lock on the passenger side works fine.
I was finally able to get the door to unlock and open after a large combination of jiggles on the inside/outside handle and lock with the key.
At this point you have no choice but to replace the car door locks.
Computerdude14, 09:24 PM no manuals available, less you buy the shop manual.I managed to get the door open using wire with a bit of a hook, then i actually pushed down on the latch with the wire.You can buy a cheap set online, but if you don't want to spend any money or don't have the time to wait, there are a few ways to make your own.First, I opened with a cloth hanger as specified by rfbqwerty.Has been like that since someone ripped the lock cylinder out of the door.Car Door Method #7: The Hail Mary (AKA Tennis Ball).Posted by Jon-o at 3:44 PM on February 19, 2010 I never got around to doing anything about it, and after a few days of warmish weather, the problem went away by itself.Till I spent two days trying to find one.It may cause the latch to get stuck inside because it is slightly bent.Once you determine only one door has a problem opening, you can try opening the door from the inside.