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Manual for xl4600sm keypad

manual for xl4600sm keypad

Compatibility: XL-2, XL-2S, XL-2G, XL-2T.
7 numerical keypad operates In a similar manner to a calculator minecraft hack client xenon 1.4.7 or telephone with the digits 0 - 9 and * # marked.
Bypass, slow blinking low intensity.
Stay, key labeled stay on keypad.Trouble Slow pulse NOT ready Solid ON The LCD keypad will display zones which are not ready with a system NOT ready message on the first line and the zone(s) that are not ready on the second line as shown below; system NOT ready zone.Four digit user code.Note: User number I cannot be deleted.LCD keypads will show the alarm conditions with a display as follows: alarm zone:1_3_5 The second line of the display will show the zones which are in alarm.The condition of each zone indicator reflects what the status of each zone as follows; alarm Fast blinking.Arming can only be performed if all zones are ready.Trouble, slow pulse, ready.
User definition procedure: code user US # userid where, user Is the master user code ( four digits).
For example, assume the zone 3 is not ready.
Example, To create user number 3, with a user access code of 4567 enter; code user 3 4567 Any error detected during the user definition process will cause the keypad to beep rapidly four times.
Stay The stay mode is another way to ARM your system while you remain In the location.
Note: The stay option will automatically be reset after the system is disarmed.
The top line can contain either the system ready or NOT ready message.Procedure: instant stay user or stay instant user Depress the instant and stay keys In any order followed by your user code.Bypass procedure: bypass user ZN Depress the bypass key followed by your user code and zone number (1 -6) to be bypassed.Keypad panic A panic signal can be sent directly through the keypad by pressing the and #and* keys at the same time.This panic signal can be set up to be silent or audible by your Installing company.Duress The star XL-4600 system has capability to send an emergency signal to the (Central Station ) If you are forced to enter the promise.Determine which zones are not ready and perform what is necessary to ready the zone(s) (example, close the door or window, etc.For example, if a protected door Is open the system cannot be armed.System NOT ready If the system is not ready to be armed the ready indicator will be OFF.Dedicated childproof emergency keys (for up to 3 emergency conditions).Code, key labeled code an keypad, uSER.In addition, on LED keypads both the instant and stay lights will.