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Minecraft crafting guide 1.5 1

minecraft crafting guide 1.5 1

Health Points: 8 Experience: 5 More Info Skeleton Hostile arrow shooting mob.
Andesite 0,0,0,-diorite,4,0,0,0,0 2, use: Decorative block.
Same as /p reach - Sets the player reach distance.
Stackable: Yes More Info 102 Glass Pane 0,0,0,20,20,20,20,20,20 16 Use: A flat glass decorative item.Stackable: No More Info 9 Stackable: No More Info 373 Water Bottle Use: Glass Bottle filled by a water source and used to create Potions.Drops: Nether Star Spawn: Built by player using 4 Soul Sand and 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls.More Info 110 Mycelium Use: Terrain block found in Mushroom biomes.Waterdamage - Turns water damage chip & crack windshield repair on/off weather - Toggles weather on/off world - Allows you to explicitly, have control over your world.Spawn: On grass in Forest and Taiga biomes.Please do not post questions in the comments.
Pros, very organized listing of recipes, comprehensive list of all the recipes in Minecraft.
More Info Potion of Harming Inflicts 6 damage per potion's tier.
You can switch back by pressing B again.Source: Squid Stackable: Yes More Info 258 Iron Axe 265,265,0,265,280,0,0,280,0 Use: Wood-chopping tool.Each recipe needs ingredients but a certain configuration to make the item.Stackable: No More Info 109 Stone Stairs 98,0,0,98,98,0,98,98,98 4 Use: Allows elevation change without jumping.Then unload on the dragon with your bow and arrow.