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Money cheat code for sims 3 xbox 360

money cheat code for sims 3 xbox 360

If your skill is high enough, you will be able to write more novel types/genres.
Then, go to a different face part, and select one of the winamp analog vu meter plugin predesigned parts.Strange faces There is a glitch in Create-A-Sim mode that allows to you to make very strange faces.Although the flower will not reappear there again, if your Sim has Level 7 Gardening, they can plant the "Unknown Special Seeds" found in the graveyard and some other places that have a chance to grow as a Death Flower.Leet Skillz (Silver Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.Have a Sim sit down and watch television.Return to the eyes.Build the room above so it covers the entire basement.The Reviler (Silver Become a public menace.You will be told that Spoot will be available under Decor Miscellaneous.EA game grand theft auto 3 cheats codes ps2 flying car references When you have the video game system and your Sims play it, zoom in on the TV to see that the games they are playing are various Electronic Arts titles.
That New Car Smell (5 points Buy a car.
Increasing chance to have baby boys.
(10 hp xp home oem iso points Learn the Charisma Skill.
Fit For a King (Bronze Prepare a perfect meal.
On the second day after putting the male remains in your home, a ghost will appear at 11:00.m.The Sims 2, you can de-activate the age in "Game Options" under "Options".Epic Party (Bronze Throw an awesome party.Set it as big or small as desired.Have a pregnant female Sim eat watermelons to increase the chance of having a girl.Creating brilliant paintings or masterpieces, create a stylized still life after it is unlocked.Once a Parent, Always a Parent (Bronze Welcome a child into the family.When you uncheck the box next to "Aging your Sims will no longer become older.Getting rid of dirty dishes, drag an empty plate into a Sim's inventory, then drag it to sell.After that, the skill meter should stay above their head until you start another Cooking, Fishing, or Gardening skill activity.You Never Forget Your First (Bronze Have a first kiss.Power Overwhelming (Silver Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.Expertise (25 points Reach level 10 in a Skill.