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Navteq vdo 2008_2 eastern europe.iso

navteq vdo 2008_2 eastern europe.iso

Quot;: Not using DVD-R was also my issue.
While both are "write once" media, automatic and manual car the R is a bit less common and the CCC in a BMW depends on -R media used.
Secondly, the "Shut down and wait 5 minutes" message isn't necessarily an indication of bad media.
It has something to do with the exact state of the CCC when you eject the DVD, but I'm not sure how to force and recreate.If you see that warning, simply shut monkey island 2 cd dos off car for a few minutes - DO NOT eject the Nav DVD beforehand or upon restart.quot;: Yep, the fault was not using dvdr.NOT "dvdr" (note the plus and minus signs).Then choose Navigation from the menus and you should be fine.The disc media type that you want to use is "DVD-R".
In fact, whenever you are burning DVDs of anything and you want to ensure more compatibility, make it a habit to use -R media.
Thought I would chime in here and help clarify something since there have been opposing posts.
It can happen when you switch from factory purchased East and West.S.
E65 and asked me if i can find navi for him, i found for mk3 but it s like 6gb for europe.
You have to unrar then you will have.
Iso files 3 for east and the other 3 is for west.
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