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Network emulator for windows toolkit

network emulator for windows toolkit

ramdisk filepath Use filepath as the ramdisk image.
Debug -debug tags Enable/disable debug messages for the specified debug tags.
If -data is not used, the emulator looks for a file named g in the storage area of the AVD being used (see -avd).
Position must be one of the values 0, 1, 2,.See comments for -skin, above.If the -http-proxy proxy command is not supplied, the emulator looks up the http_proxy environment variable and automatically uses any value matching the proxy format described above.Windows Mobile.5 Professional wvga Emulator.port port Set the console port number for this emulator instance to port.Disabling the boot animation can speed the startup time for the emulator.onion-rotation position Specify onion skin rotation.For more information, use -help-keyset to print information about this topic.
netdelay delay Set network latency emulation to delay.
Refreshing the remaining locales or the SDK will re-install the shortcut.
The keyset file defines the list of key bindings between the emulator and the host keyboard.By default, the emulator copies the system /g.The following software is filepath Use filepath as the working user-data disk image.trace trimble field iq manual name Enable code profiling (press F9 to start written to a specified file.debug- tag Enable/disable debug messages for the specified debug tag.Using this option may yield unexpected and in some cases misleading results, since the density with which to render the skin may not be defined.For example:America/Los_Angeles Europe/Paris -version Display the emulators version number.System Requirements, supported Operating System, windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack.