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Nissan champ 1400 service manual

nissan champ 1400 service manual

Sometimes the pattern recognition theodoridis pdf procedure can be found labeled in the engine compartment of your vehicle.
Step 10: Set the vehicle back to normal.You may feel the engine try to start or not want to start at all.Download, nissan Sunny 2002 Service Manual 68 Mb, download, nissan Sunny 2003 Service Manual 13 Mb, download, nissan Sunny 2004 Service Manual 41 Mb, download, nissan Sunny 2005 Service Manual 44 Mb, download, nissan Sunny 2006 Service Manual 63 Mb, download.Do not attempt to hit the distributor with a hammer as most distributors are made of cast aluminum and will be damaged.They should have been labeled when removing the old distributor.
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The engine must have a way to ignite the gas and air that enter the engines combustion chamber.
If the specifications were 5 degrees atdc (after top dead center) you would move the distributor by hand until the pointer or line indicated.
On the engine side of the crankshaft pulley or on the transmission torque converter/flywheel there will be numbers in a range of -15 to 5 with a zero in the middle.
Continue to move the distributor slightly in the direction that feels as if the engine will want to start.
If this is the case, make a very tiny(1/16) adjustment to the rotor, and try again.Step 6: Adjust timing Using a timing light on the first spark plug, slightly rotate the distributor cap until the vehicle manufacturer's specifications are met.If the engine does not start, you can move the distributor slightly with your hand either clockwise or counter clockwise and attempt to start the engine.There should be a line or a pointer attached or cast into the engine block or transmission.It is just visible above the kick panel in front of the door and will have the auto choke relay attached, and in automatic trucks, the fuel cut solenoid.You can use popular service information repair manuals for the vehicle or the cylinder numbers printed on the spark plug wires.It is likely that the trouble lies in your fuel pump relay.If you look at the solder points under 1973 datsun 240z service manual magnification, you may notice cracks.Part 3 of 4: Installing the distributor.