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Parts manual for dixon lawn mower owner's

parts manual for dixon lawn mower owner's

You should get the hang of it fairly quickly, but give yourself enough time to be confident in your steering ability.
Note: During this procedure there may be some movement of the drive wheels, but they are not under load.13 Become familiar with the mower deck's cutting path, its width in relation to the drive wheels, and the discharge angle of the mower blades.3, read the Owner's Manual/Operator's Manual for your mower.Lubricate all moving parts regularly.Meet the new class of super diesels.These limits are suggested due to the possibility of the operator being thrown from the machine when turning sharply on steep slopes, as well as the possibility of the machine losing traction in sharp turns and sliding or hp elitebook 8560p drivers tipping.12 Practice making sharper turns by reversing the control arm on the side you wish to turn toward, while advancing the opposite side.Move levers to full reverse position and hold 1996 polaris xcr 600 manual for five (5) seconds.Use the type recommended by the manufacturer.Many ZTR mowers also have an option of adjusting the neutral position, for taller or shorter people, so your arms are in a comfortable position while you mow.Avoid using it when the ground is wet, as well, since this will create the worst compaction.
This condition is known as cavitation, and is detrimental to the pump since it allows the pump top operate dry. .
It Makes Your Life Easier.
I am new to Zero Turn so the shop set the speed at very slow.
You will find that sharp turns in close quarters can quite suddenly jam the mower deck against an obstacle, since it is traveling almost perpendicular to the center-line of the machine.
The fluid is pressurized with a pump inside the transmission.
Fill the expansion tank with recommended engine oil until level reaches the cold fill indicator mark on the tank (or dipstick).For further information or assistance, we recommend contacting your local authorized service center.Before starting your engine, adjust the control arms so they are in a comfortable position.After the mower moves approximately five (5) feet return the motion control levers to the neutral (N) position.Keep the deck clean to maximize its service life.