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Powershell script software install

powershell script software install

Criteria "IsInstalled0 and Type'Software #Search for relevant updates.
Function trigger-AvailableSupInstall, param ( StringParameter(MandatoryTrue, Position1) Computername, StringParameter(MandatoryTrue, Position2) SupName begin, appEvalState0 "0" AppEvalState1 "1" ApplicationClass Process, if (SupName -Like "All" -or SupName -like "all.It also provides an extra column in the output which indicates the architecture(x86 or x64) of the software.If not WMI, what are the various options available to get the installed problems from remote computers.Searcher New-Object -ComObject archer, searchResult arch(Criteria).Updates #Download updates.End, about the script, so we are starting out with 2 Parameters function trigger-AvailableSupInstall, param ( StringParameter(MandatoryTrue, Position1) Computername, StringParameter(MandatoryTrue, Position2) SupName ).Today, VBScript is an artifact of a time long past, replaced by the far more powerful PowerShell.A secondary goal is to provide an application which reports flatten/effective security settings.Ive listed a sample few for Criteria, but you can add your own with the help of the documentation found on msdn.
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And i know all of you have been waiting for this and so here is the magic powershell script that will make that happen!
Okay so the topic pretty much says it all but the scenario is that you have Software updates deployed as Available and you would like to trigger them on a remote client without needing to actually go in to software center and manually select the.
The Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms is not a common WMI class redline anime english dub that you will find in any windows computer.
Value, state 0 ciJobStateNone 1 ciJobStateAvailable 2 ciJobStateSubmitted 3 ciJobStateDetecting 4 ciJobStatePreDownload 5 ciJobStateDownloading 6 ciJobStateWaitInstall 7 ciJobStateInstalling To get the full list of States and more info about the WMI class follow the link to Microsofts msdn What Ive noticed is that when the.Is the information queried from registry is accurate?That script for me was a tiny but powerful.Instantly, my monthly patching efforts diminished from hours to mere minutes.Keeping the downsides aside, it is definitely the best approach to get installed softwares from remote computer.Then, one day, you figure out how one little script can change your life for the better.If a machine doesnt have a local wsus configuration, the Windows Update Agent will query against Microsofts Internet servers for the patches Microsoft deems appropriate (and constrained by the criteria youve added).Wsus hack back in 2007.Look at the below image for usage.Contributing, contact me if you're interested in contributing to sqlpsx.But some of the registry keys will have less information about the software not sure why it is that way.Theres plenty more you can add to this starter ebooks on interior designing PowerShell script, like data gathering and reporting, emailing of reports, and all manner of if/then statements and verifications that tie everything together.