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Printui dll printuientry set

printui dll printuientry set

Xg Retrieves the settings for a printer.
Xs Sets the settings for a printer.
The syntax for this command is: psexec @C:deploycomputer.
Then save the Process Monitor log to any folder that you want and upload the log file.Applies To: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012.Ss Specifies what type of information for a printer will be stored.Dll printUIEntry /dn /nclient1printer1 To add a per computer printer connection, printer2, for all users of a computer, Client2, type (the connection will be applied when a user logs on rundll32 printui.f : if the printer name stored in the file is different from the name of the printer being restored to, then use the printer name in the file.d : Use to restore printer specific data, such as the printer s hardware.Getting back to our deployment scenario, were going to deploy a locally attached HP LaserJet 4 printer to each of our target machines with the following settings: Printer Name Printer1, port LPT1, the printer must be shared out.Thought this was handy, considering Windows XP likes to randomly change the default printer sometimes.m : Use to store the minimal settings for the printer.s : Use to restore the printer s security descriptor.In our example, were going to create a local browser based mmorpg no games folder on the C: drive called deploy. .
The first thing we need to do is determine what systems we want to push the printers and drivers. .
Modification Parameters Description /afile Specifies the binary file name.
ffile Species the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path and name of the.inf file name or the output file name, depending on the task that you are performing.
Displays the properties of a printer.
This cannot be specified with.
d : Use to store printer specific data such as the printer s hardware.Base Parameters, description /dl deletes the local printer.o, displays the queue for a printer.h : if the printer being restored to could not be shared using the resource share name in the saved settings file, then attempt to share the printer with either the current share name or a new generated share name if neither H nor.If neither f nor r is specified and the names do not match, restoration of the settings fails.dn deletes a network printer connection.You can use this command in a batch file, script, or whatever in windows to change/set the default printer: rundll32 printui.c : Use to restore the color profile information for a printer.See Examples in this document for the syntax for some common tasks.