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, or references throughout this chapter.
Federal-aid Highway Act, 23 USC 128 - modern combat 5 cracked "Requires a public hearing for any Interstate System project or Federal-aid highway project involving the bypassing of or, going through any city, town, village, either incorporated or unincorporated.".Laws, regulations, AND guidance, see also, chapter 1 - Federal Requirements and.Top of Page, public Participation During the rcra Permitting Process.The 2016 edition of the rcra Public Participation Manual is intended as a users manual.The nepa process provides and encourages opportunities for interagency coordination and public involvement during scoping and public review of a draft EIS.The Manual provides explicit information and instructions regarding when public hearings are necessary, how to conduct a public hearing, Title VI compliance documentation, open forum versus formal hearing, coordination with DED availability, public notices and publicity, map showings, hearing room arrangements, presiding officers, briefings, presentations.
Sections address public involvement on projects also subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (nepa).
How do government officials decide where to put a bus stop, road, or bridge?
Early and continuous public involvement brings diverse viewpoints and values into the decision-making process.
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Deputy Directive (DD-63) Environmental Justice and Civil Rights in Transportation Decision-Making - Establishes, as the Department's policy on environmental justice and civil rights in transportation decision making, that the DOT will include the public, including minority and low-income populations, in transportation investment decision-making from the.Section 2(b) specifically requires opportunity for early public review of an EA where the proposed action involves new construction in a wetland.Sections discuss electronic public notice, the focus of public review and public availability of public comments.Design Guidelines (Section I-06) - For projects constructed in 2017.EO 12898, Environmental Justice (February 11, 1984) - Requires federal actions address environmental justice in minority population and low-income populations. Whether an EIR or a Master EIR is prepared in support of the RTP, the Lead Agency (the Department, Metropolitan Planning Organization MPO or Regional Transportation Planning Agency rtpa) shall provide for public availability of the EIR and RTP consistent with the requirements set forth.