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Section 5.13 program integrity manual

section 5.13 program integrity manual

Until that family member has had a hearing and joins the rest of the family at the Ready for Decision Stage in the Global Case Management System (gcms the rest of the family cannot move forward in the process.
If the clients do not wish to split their file, have them complete the Request to Maintain File form to confirm their choice.The policy and procedures regarding research fraud are intended to protect the integrity of the University's research enterprise and not hinder the search photoshop elements 7 manual pdf for truth or interfere with academic freedom.Other requests to split files under exceptional circumstances are considered on a case by case basis.Use of FSA-426 pDF ) word ) is discussed in Section 10 of our.Inform clients who passed their test and language assessment that, since their case is now ready for a decision, CIC will split the file to allow these family members to proceed through the rest of the process immediately, rather than waiting for the hearing.
Cases which require a hearing will be added to the local office's hearing inventory according to local office procedures.
In cases where there is more than one applicant on file, if a CIC official is not able to positively assess language requirements or a client does not pass the written test, CIC staff will consider splitting the file to avoid unnecessary delays in the.
Once the results of the second test are known and are processed in gcms, a CIC official will split all affected files.
If evidence on file only establishes parentage to the one parent requiring a second written test or hearing, officials may have to request additional documentation to establish the link to the other parent to facilitate the file split.Note: Files must not be split until expired clearances are reworked and updated for all family members.Contact Information, for more information, contact, fCIC Program Integrity.If the family members pass the second test, the file will not be split and all will proceed to final stage.In instances where a client has been referred for a hearing for language only or a combination of language and knowledge, local offices should mail the Request to Maintain File form to the clients, requesting that the forms be returned within 30 (thirty) calendar days.Therefore, files should not be split where residency issues exist for any client on that particular file.Knowledge Only Cases, german midi piano player the decision to split a file will be made once the results of the second test are known.This OB is linked to the procedures set out for conducting language and knowledge assessments, including retesting.Sixty days to produce documentation is being given to match the proposed maximum time limit for retesting.If the form is returned, do not split the file.