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Syntax near character set results null

syntax near character set results null

The SQL script runs perfectly fine in SQL fiddle here m!2/0565e/1, but when I try to run the same script in MS SQL Server 2014 I get syntax errors.
Anyone can please suggest what to do?
Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line.
This is the script that crashes in MS SQL Server 2014: - MySQL dump.13 Distrib.1.51, for pc-linux-gnu (i686) - - Host: Database: world Server version.1.51-debug-log!40101 SET!40101 SET!40101 SET!40101 SET nas rsync nexstar firmware names latin1!40103 SET @[email protected]_zone!40103 SET time_zone'00:00'!40014 SET unique_checks0!40014 SET foreign_KEY_checks0!40101 SET @[email protected]_mode,!40111 SET.Bitsmed Aged Yak Warrior 545 Posts Posted - 12/28/2014 : 08:53:08 Translation could be: if object_id ty U is not null drop table ty ; create table ty ( id int identity(1,1),name char(35) not null,countrycode char(3) not null,destrict char(20) not null,population int not null,primary key(id) set identity_insert.Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'IF'.Author, topic rococtz, starting Member 1 Posts, posted - 12/28/2014 : 01:17:54, hi, I am running a script that creates a table and inserts some data.You need to translate your script to a syntax that mssql understands.#355-1972 ford capri Broadspeed Bullit Turbo 2-dr sedan.
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