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The axe and the throne pdf

the axe and the throne pdf

At no point did I think what a nice turn of phrase but I didnt roll my eyes or cringe either.
I think this says more about you then.
A Response to Popular Criticisms of My Review: These are parts of responses I made to both this review and another review you can read here.There is also rape as protection and love in the book- I found the slave and instantly fell in love so Im the only one that gets to have my way with her and none of you bitches better touch her.That is an imaginary narrator in the book, should I take to heart Dumbledores words of wisdom as well?) and not pass judgement until their final acts are done.Cassen, the scheming eunuch, at first seems just an over-the-top villain, but, as the story progresses, the layers of this conniving and cruel man are slowly unraveled, all without him losing any of his menace.Just like in the real world.After a servant had brought the king his evening meal, he and Derudin would speak in earnest of the happenings of the kingdom and how to manage the intricacies therein.2.) Any rape that occurred with regard to main characters was used to propel their own growth not that of their male counterparts.The writing tends to serve the story well, usually not going for anything too melodramatic or overstated, with simple but somewhat elegant prose: Alone in the kings study, Derudin and Lyell performed their nightly ritual.It is all in the way the story and characters are crafted.
Unfortunately when I bought the ebook it went straight to the first chapter and I went into the book without this indication of what was to come.
Lets compare this with a scene from Axe and the Throne: Keethro is talking about how his wife shows side boob and it irks him: A supple grip holds twice as strong Keethro found this applied to most things, women most of all.
The writing was clean and clear.
It is just plan sexist.
If they suffer it should be part of their own character arc not their love interests.
As a result it feels realistic and right.And I judge this book barely deserving of 2 stars.* I cannot believe I just wasted an hour and a half of my life reviewing this.She would provoke him, and he would answer as expected with a certain violence.Why is Joe Abercrombie able to have a character who is a loving, single parent.Firstly, why are you so invested in seeing women raped and POC victimised in your fiction?The reality is that some writers can and do write grimdark without resorting to sexist stereotypes and gendered violence.In a fantasy novel.It appeals to modern cynicism and we are so used to seeing gendered violence and oppressed women that we think this is realistic.This novel toes the line and undoubtly some people would find it goes too far, however there are to things Lawerence does well when discussing various rapes.Here is Tallos pondering why his wife didnt fight harder: He wondered if he could forgive her for not having done what they carefully plannedDid you even fight your attackers?And it is constant.Iremans THE AXE AND THE throne.It was clear that the sexism and gendered violence was condoned by the characters not be the author.It is possible to write a grim dark novel and include harrowing, realistic scenes without resorting automatically to gendered violence.

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