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Trek incite 9i manual dansk

trek incite 9i manual dansk

There are three ways to use the game cannon rats jar buttons: Push- touch once Cycle- push repeatedly as needed Hold- push and hold in for two or three seconds The method used to set the nero express full version cnet computer varies according to the computer model.
To Restart the trip modes The trip modes include TRP, AVG, TME, and MAX.
Cycle Mode to your preferred first digit value (see Table 3).Here is a table showing some possible problems, causes, and solutions: Table 4- Common problems and solutions Blank screen Computer is in shipping mode.Battery power is low.Make sure the computer wire is not pulled tight when the handlebar is turned all the way to either side.The wheel selection icon appears in the upper left corner.
Changing mode Once the computer is programmed and installed, it is very easy to use.
Battery is dead, or installed incorrectly.
If the Mode button is called out in the directions without specifying which one, you may push either one and the computer will accordingly scroll in a different direction.
The computer returns to current speed.
Figure 8- Magnet placed To attach the computer wire on crankarm, aligned.Removing the computer from the computer base The computer is held on its base by a flexibl.Functions Not all Trek Incite computer models have all these functions.Cycle Set to your preferred wheel.This operation sets all four values to zero, allowing the computer to display information for a single ride.Cycle Mode to MAX.To set a custom wheel size.Setting THE computer The computer must be set, or programmed, so that it gives its readout in the units preferred by the user, and so that it calculates with the correct wheel size.Trek incite, bicycle Computer Owners Manual, this manual explains the installation and use of several Trek bicycle computer models: Incite 6i Incite.Push Mode to select clock.Cycle Set to the minute.