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Wow 2.4 3 full patch

wow 2.4 3 full patch

Molten Armor will now do damage while a damage absorption shield is active.
From Wowpedia, jump to: navigation, search, patch.4.2 serves to provide some class and general bug fixes.
The Skyshatter Helmet's gem socket bonus will now properly reflect the plus damage in the tooltip.Karazhan Nightbane's Charred Earth ability will now properly deal Fire damage.Bow of Searing Arrows and Red Whelp Gloves will no longer break volkswagon jetta 2002 manual crowd control effects.Prince Kael'thas will now drop Primal Nethers in Heroic Magisters Terrace.Completing the quest, arcane Refreshment will now properly teach the spell.The Magic Candle has had its casting range reduced.The Cloak of Swift Mending now has a level requirement (70).Naturalist's Preserving Cinch have had their stats updated.Items that enchant other items no longer have tradeskill requirements ( Mithril Spurs, Shield Spikes, Weapon Chains, etc.).Magister's Terrace Sunwell Plateau Tempest Keep: The Eye Void Reaver's Arcane orbs now generate combat log entries.
Talent: Power Infusion will now consume the correct amount of mana when cast on yourself.
The Cursed Vision of Sargeras now gives the buff, " Sense Demons " which can be canceled normally.
Elixir of Demonslaying : This elixir now grants ranged cheat codes for battlefield bad company 2 attack power against demons as intended.
Shattered Sun Pendant of Might : The triggered effect from this item will no longer break Scattershot or other crowd-controlling affects.
Shaman Ability: Frostbrand Weapon : Rank 6 damage has been increased very slightly.
Hunters, contents, mages, talent: Improved Blink (Arcane) now reduces chance to be hit by 13/25 and the duration of Rank 1 has been increased to 4 seconds.This download supports resume but the link is only active for 48hours!For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI Macros Forum.Fixed a bug that precluded use of the FireWire iSight microphone with voice chat.It is no longer possible for pets to get stuck in place anuko world clock 5.6 crack after exiting the Spectral Realm in the Kalecgos encounter.Talasite Owl : This trinket will now properly restore full mana as described.after opening the program, fill in your account details and enjoy ExcaliburWoW!Fixed an issue where some spells had extraneous Floating Combat Text messages when using the Auras option.